Sunday, February 10, 2008
Vote in Tuesday's Primary!

If you haven't yet figured out who you're voting for on Tuesday (or even if you have), check out MPR's "Select a Candidate" quiz.

It appears that the candidate who most closely matches my views is Obama (Romney and Huckabee are last--phew!). But, of course, one doesn't necessarily support the candidate whose views most closely match one's own--there are other important factors, after all (or I'd probably be supporting Kucinich). So, while I'm still torn, I expect I'll be voting for Clinton on tuesday.

It's exciting that Virginia is even relevant during the primary season. It's even more exciting that we will be relevant in the general election in the fall. It would be awfully nice if we could get a referendum passed that would allow VA's electoral votes to be apportioned, so that my vote in a presidential election would *finally* matter--but it would also be awfully nice if Scotty could beam us up, and both the politics of Virginia and the laws of physics would have to change an extraordinary amount for either of those to ever happen! (but hey, it could happen--they've already started teleporting photons...)

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