Friday, August 18, 2006
Why we Should Never Trust the Rich...
When I was in Ireland earlier this year, I was struck by the class consciousness of the Irish--they know full well that if the rich want something, it must be to the disadvantage of the non-rich, and they vigorously oppose it--whatever it is--on principle.

How I wish Americans were not so $$-struck--here, we think if the rich want something (ie, capital gains tax cuts, inheritance tax cuts) it must be good. People still believe in the trickle-down fallacy!

But if people pay attention, evidence abounds that the rich only care about increasing their own wealth, at the expense of the rest of us... witness the shenanigans of HHS Sec Mike Leavitt's "charitable" foundation, now being investigated by the IRS.

It's been a great six years in which to be a robber baron. But we need to develop our own class consciousness, and put an end to this free ride...

Are you better off than you were six years ago?
THIS is the question Democratic candidates need to be asking the voters this fall. It worked for Clinton, and it will work again, because, as in 1990, voters are NOT better off after a Bush presidency, and we are NOT better off after 12 years of a republican majority in Congress.

The WashPost reports that so-called "security moms," a key to the 2004 Bush victory, are turning away from republicans.

This shows that people are finally "getting it"--realizing that not only are we NOT better off when it comes to the economy, but also security, under the GOP.

So--we all need to get the word out to the voters, that we are NOT better off, and NOT safer, when Republicans are in control. After all, how could we be? Republican policies are designed to further the interests of the wealthy and big business, NOT to make the world a better place for the rest of us.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Virginia's junior senator distinguishes himself once again by pandering to racism...
The Washington Post reports that George Allen referred to one of Jim Webb's campaign "trackers," who was recording an Allen campaign stop on video, as "Macaca" and said "Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia," which caused his (lets us know who THEY are) supporters to laugh at the Webb volunteer.

Later, Allen said that "macaca" was not a racial slur (hmm... it is in french tunisia, where Allen's mother is from) but was a contraction of "mohawk" and "caca," therefore meaning "shithead." Allen has a history of seemingly racist actions, dating from his highschool days. And, defending a racist comment by claiming you meant to call someone "shithead" seems like scraping the bottom of the excuse barrell...

Ugly, ugly--and, unlike a very kind (or naive) researcher at UVA, Dr. Bankole Johnson, who excuses racist remarks by those under the influence by saying they "don't understand what they're saying, and they don't mean what they're saying" (in reference to Mel Gibson's anti-Semitic remarks during his arrest), I believe that you can't say 'em if you're not thinking 'em. Alcohol just removes one's inhibitions--makes us forget the social training to NOT to say everything we're thinking.

AND, Allen can't even hide behind this excuse, if excuse it is, unless he wants us to also believe he does his campaigning drunk.

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