Saturday, September 29, 2007
Watkins Abbitt--Stickler for the Truth! (yeah, right)

So, yesterday I received a large postcard flyer from Watkins Abbitt ("independent" incumbent, 59th house district) that makes ridiculous accusations against Connie Brennan. He states that she raised taxes by "400 percent" and hurt businesses. Uh, yeah. The Board of Supervisors of Nelson increased a utlities tax from $2 to $10 to fund emergency services. (This rate is set by the state.) Ok... a 400% increase... but so? He makes it sound as if businesses in Nelson are groaning under the burden and laying off employees. Not true!

There are other misrepresentations on that postcard about Connie's record, "sourced" to make it look as if it's legit.

And, he has it plastered with greyed-out versions of her photo that makes her look awful, and includes a photo of a "business" in Nelson county that doesn't exist.

Let's show Watkins that these tactics no longer work in Virginia. WE'RE SMARTER THAN THAT!!


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