Saturday, November 10, 2007
Virginia Turning Purple?
Yay, we have a Democratic Senate! Of course, even though we gained a few seats in the House of Delegates, the clash between the wacky right-wing House and the more measured and moderate Senate will lead to some gridlock. But oh, that's so much better than the rightwing wackos getting their legislation through without a hitch, while more sensible legislation dies in committee.

Too bad for Connie Brennan's loss. It was an impossible race to begin with--a district gerrymandered to favor an incumbent, a huge district with large rural areas, making it hard to campaign in. Abbitt has his safe legacy seat till he's dead or till after redistricting. However, Connie made an excellent showing. The last time someone ran against Abbitt (Alan Hale in 2003), he won only 32.82% of the vote, while Connie was able to win 39.66%. And, she won Nelson (her home county) while Hale, also from Nelson, did not. (frivolous fact: Alan is Connie's ex-husband).

I hope she will run again--she's a great candidate, ran an excellent campaign, and would be a wonderful legislator. Hang in there, Connie!


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