Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Sizing up the Candidates
I'm still agnostic as far as the candidates go, but I will admit I'm leaning Hillary. Actually, I hope for a Clinton/Obama ticket. This could be the dream ticket for Democrats--we'd get 16 years out of it!

I think Hillary at the top of the ticket would be unbeatable, with Obama to round up the rest of the vote. And, what I said earlier about working class women becoming ascendent in this election is important to keep in mind, as it becomes more manifest: the WashPost reports that black women are favoring Hillary over Obama.

I like Obama a lot. I just think he needs more seasoning and to develop more political heft. Being veep would accomplish both.

Edwards appeals to the policy wonk in me. But I don't think the voters are warming up to him. I like that he's talking tough, but threatening some kind of presidential fiat is tantamount to saying he's going to do just what Bush has done and ignore the legislative process. He also has received two "pinocchios" from the WashPost Fact Checker for inaccurately characterizing Hillary's position on troop drawdown in Iraq.

Of course, getting two pinocchios pales next to Giuliani's four pinocchios for inaccurate statements about outcomes of prostate cancer treatment in the US vs the UK.

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