Friday, August 18, 2006
Why we Should Never Trust the Rich...
When I was in Ireland earlier this year, I was struck by the class consciousness of the Irish--they know full well that if the rich want something, it must be to the disadvantage of the non-rich, and they vigorously oppose it--whatever it is--on principle.

How I wish Americans were not so $$-struck--here, we think if the rich want something (ie, capital gains tax cuts, inheritance tax cuts) it must be good. People still believe in the trickle-down fallacy!

But if people pay attention, evidence abounds that the rich only care about increasing their own wealth, at the expense of the rest of us... witness the shenanigans of HHS Sec Mike Leavitt's "charitable" foundation, now being investigated by the IRS.

It's been a great six years in which to be a robber baron. But we need to develop our own class consciousness, and put an end to this free ride...

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